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Group Therapy

Group therapy is for those who are struggling with a particular issue and it is usually in addition to individual therapy. Those who are experiencing more severe symptoms will likely be encouraged to begin with individual therapy until they feel strong enough to participate in a group. Regardless of the issue, we will take the time to address your individual needs, and develop a treatment plan that allows you to heal at a pace that feels comfortable. Often it is helpful to meet with others who share a similar experience in a safe and caring environment.

We offer the following groups therapy topics:
    ‣Infertility Support Group
    ‣Postpartum Support Group
    ‣Surviving Motherhood Support Group
    ‣Weight Loss Support Group
    ‣Divorce Recovery Support Group
    ‣Illness Support Group
    ‣Cancer Support Group
    ‣Stress Management Group


Please call us if you see a group you want to join but it is not offered at a time that works for you. We are constantly starting new groups and offering additional groups at different times. In order to guarantee that you have a place in the group, please call as soon as possible so that we can reserve a space for you.

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