Sometimes it is hard to handle certain challenges that come with being a woman. Anxiety or depression may slowly creep into our lives or it may begin suddenly after a particular event. Talking to someone in a safe and loving environment can help to heal and empower us no matter what challenges we face. We work with people struggling with a variety of issues from life transitions, to postpartum depression, to relationship issues. Please see our full list of therapy services.

We work with people struggling with the following issues:

    ‣Life transitions
    ‣Postpartum depression*
    ‣Postpartum anxiety*
    ‣Pregnancy depression and/or anxiety
    ‣Traumatic labor and delivery
    ‣Miscarriage and loss
    ‣Eating issues & Weight loss
    ‣Difficulties during adolescence
    ‣Divorce recovery
    ‣Relationship difficulties

*Postpartum depression or PPD affects 15-20% of new mothers and can begin gradually or very suddenly at any point during the first year after you have given birth. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the following: excessive worry or anxiety, irritability, feeling overwhelmed, feeling sad, feeling guilty, hopelessness, difficulty sleeping, excessive fatigue, feeling uneasy, indifference toward the baby, loss of concentration, loss of interest, feeling isolated or alone, or a change in appetite. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, remember that you are not alone. PPD affects everyone in the family, including your baby, so it is important to seek help if you are experiencing any of these symptoms beyond two weeks postpartum.