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Cara Helmrich

Cara Helmrich

Cara Helmrich is an iPEC trained Life Coach, specializing in helping her clients overcome obstacles that stand in the way of a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Whether her clients are facing a major life transition such as divorce or career change, are hoping to move past the pain associated with emotional abuse, or are simply stuck in the discomfort of mediocrity, Cara provides her clients with tools to rebuild and often to completely reinvent their lives.

By honoring and growing from their past experiences, with gratefulness and without shame, her clients are finally able to live and work with authentic joy and intention. Cara believes that kindness and human connection are imperative to a joyful life and is passionate about understanding and making the most of the human experience.

Cara is currently earning her master’s degree from Harvard University where she has received her certification in Topics in Human Behavior with a focus on clinical psychology. Additionally, she is certified with the Association of Coaching. Cara enjoys spending time and traveling with her son and daughter, being in the company of friends, daily meditation and supporting her alma mater, the University of Central Florida.

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