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Pregnancy Depression and Anxiety

Mostly we hear about postpartum depression and anxiety and little attention is paid to depression and anxiety during pregnancy. However, many women experience depression and/or anxiety with their pregnancy. Sometimes women do not want to discuss their feelings because pregnancy is supposed to be a “joyful time” and they are embarrassed that they will be judged. To make things even harder, women who have struggled to get pregnant and really want the baby, may feel extremely guilty about these feelings. Please remember that these feelings are a symptom and do not necessarily indicate the level of desire the woman has toward having her baby. The symptoms are very similar to that of PPD and may include the following:
– excessive worry or anxiety
– irritability
– feeling overwhelmed
– feeling sad
– feeling guilty
– hopelessness
– difficulty sleeping
– excessive fatigue
– feeling uneasy
– indifference toward baby
– loss of concentration
– loss of interest
– feeling isolated or alone
– changes in appetite
– reluctance to prepare for baby’s arrival

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