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Infertility has become an all too common experience for many women. Fortunately, people are beginning to open up about their experience and there is not so much secrecy regarding infertility. Even so, many women feel alone in their struggle to have a child. They may watch as their friends and family have a child or children, and wonder when it will be their turn. Depending on their particular circumstances, women may be left to wonder if they will ever have children that are biologically theirs. This can be an extremely lonely and isolating place. It is understandable that women would be susceptible to depression during this difficult and uncertain time. In fact, many women develop anxiety because there is an overall sense of helplessness and loss of control. Fertility treatments can leave a woman feeling moody, emotional, and not in charge of the very thing she should have control over, her body. Women find it not only helpful to speak with someone individually during this time, but find that support groups are extremely beneficial as well. There is no substitute for talking openly with others who are going through a similar experience.

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