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Miscarriage and Loss

The loss of a baby, at any stage, can be an overwhelmingly sad experience. A woman who has experienced this type of loss knows the joy of becoming attached to her unborn child, and then to experience the loss of that child is usually devastating for a mother. To make things worse, most women who have experienced this are told various things like, “It’s alright, you will have another one” or “When are you going to start trying again?” or more horrifyingly, “It’s alright, you will have a real baby next time.” Women usually feel alone with their grief and are expected to get over it and move on. This is a time when a woman is the most vulnerable and she needs a safe and supportive environment to grieve so that she may heal from this tremendous loss. It is often helpful to speak with someone who has experience dealing with this type of grief and loss. In addition, support groups for miscarriage and loss can be very therapeutic in helping a woman connect with other women who have experienced a similar situation.

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