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Weight Loss & Eating Issues

What woman has not struggled with weight loss and eating issues at some point in her life? Sadly, almost all women can relate to struggling with their bodies and their relationship with food. Anorexia, bulimia, and overeating are the three most common issues women face in their struggle with food. Though these three issues present themselves very differently, each one can be a daily struggle for many women. For some women, there has been a psychological trauma that results in a deep rooted reason the woman struggles to lose the weight. An example of this is sexual abuse. If a woman has not dealt with the trauma around the abuse, she is likely to have difficulty with her weight. For a woman struggling with anorexia, she may perhaps feel like she has no control over her life, except for what she allows herself to eat. Of course, these are just generic examples, and the fact is that every woman’s situation is unique and requires exploration. In all cases, treatment is needed if the eating issue has become a central focus in a woman’s life. Individual and group therapy is usually beneficial for women, though the techniques used vary depending on the nature of the relationship with food.

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