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Woodlands, Texas

The Woodlands, Texas: History, Neighborhoods, and Things to Do

The Woodlands in Texas has a long history rooted in oil development and Native American tribes. The city is located in Montgomery County and Harris County near the Houston metropolitan area. The Woodlands has many attractions, as well as great neighborhoods to live in and a long history.

The History of The Woodlands

The region that is now the modern day The Woodlands was originally inhabited by the Akokisa and Bidai tribes that stayed in the area because of the access to fresh water at Spring Creek.

The development of the city was started in 1974 by an oil industry investor who wanted to establish a strong community around the available oil production in the area. The city was meant to entice those from urban areas to a suburban lifestyle in Texas with hotels, office parks, retail, and golf courses.

The development of The Woodlands continued through 1997 with corporate partners to have a mix of high-end and medium income housing. By 2012, The Woodlands thrived and had more than 200,000 residents. While the original plan was for The Woodlands to be incorporated by the city of Houston, eventually it become its own urban area.

The Woodlands Neighborhoods

The lively community of The Woodlands has many residential neighborhoods that are a natural mix of convenience and upscale living in Texas. Each of the neighborhoods has its own charm and features that make them unique. The most notable neighborhoods include Sterling Ridge, Creekside Park, Indian Springs, Grogan’s Mill, Cochran’s Crossing, Alden Bridge, and Creekside Park.

Things to do in The Woodlands

The Woodlands has an amazing mix of entertainment and adventure, including live music, natural areas, local shops, and family outings. No matter what you are into, The Woodlands has something for everyone.

The Cynthia Woods Pavillion

An outdoor amphitheater that features live music and has been ranked as one of the best outdoor amphitheaters in the world. Many famous musicians have played here including Jack Johnson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kenny Chesney, and Jimmy Buffet.

The Woodlands Children’s Museum

The museum in The Woodlands has a myriad of events and exhibits to enthrall children of all ages. There are workshops that go on throughout the year and exhibits that showcase knowledge from around the world and experiments that make sure that the entire family will have fun.

The Woodlands Mall

This two-story mall has everything you are looking for when it comes to shopping and entertainment. The mall hosts events all year long such as movie nights. There are also restaurants nearby to make for a complete evening experience out in The Woodlands.

Demographics and Statistics

The population of The Woodlands city is estimated at roughly 120,000 people with urban and suburban areas mostly. The population is predominantly white and Hispanic. The city is home to Lone Star College and Sam Houston State University.

Roughly 70% of the households in The Woodlands have children 18 or younger with an overall median age of residents at 37 years old.

The Woodlands is a Great Place to Be

The Woodlands is one of the best places to live and visit in Texas and the United States. This master-planned community is well-known for its many parks, golf courses, hiking and biking trails, industry, schools, and more. It truly is a remarkable city in the heart of Texas.

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