Kellie Klinck

kellie-klinckKellie Klinck, MA, LPC

I think being a woman is a beautiful thing. We are instinctual, nurturing, giving creatures. We take on many roles throughout the day that keep homes, businesses and communities functioning. Sometimes though, I find it is easier for women to prioritize others’ needs before their own. I am drawn to women’s counseling so that I can guide my clients through their challenges, teach coping skills, and give them permission to make their wellness a priority.

I aim to ensure clients feel heard and have a safe, accepting space to speak. I love hearing my clients’ stories. In our time together, I will gently encourage open and honest sharing. This will start the healing process and allow us to bring clarity to thoughts and feelings. From there, we’ll discuss ways to manage whatever it is you are facing. I want our time together to be both supportive and productive.

My background includes working with clients of all ages on their career and professional goals. I provided career counseling for close to ten years (both virtually and in person). Recently, however, I realized my passion lies in counseling women across the lifespan. My goal is to work with women dealing with difficult life transitions or that “stuck” feeling. In addition to career development, I am especially drawn to topics like: infertility, relationships, body image and wellness.

I earned a B.S. in Psychology and then went on to complete a Master of Arts in Counseling in 2006. I am a member of American Counseling Association, National Career Development Association, and the Texas Counseling Association. I became a fully Licensed Professional Counselor in 2009. In my spare time I enjoy reading, creating, journaling, exercising, being around those that I love, and watching TV.